What is HPA

High Pressure Air of beter bekend als HPA is een drijfkracht vorm afkomstig uit de paintball wereld,
die ook zijn intrede heeft gemaakt in die van de Airsoft omdat dit minder gevoelig is voor temparatuur schommelingen en omdat er meer geschoten kan worden zonder bijvullen.
Deze vorm geeft ook de mogelijkheid tot werkdruk afstellen om bijv. te voldoen aan een FPS of Joule regulering.
High Pressure Air or better known as HPA is a form of motive power originating from the paintball world,
which has also made its appearance in that of the Airsoft because it is less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and because more shots can be fired without refilling.
This shape also offers the possibility to adjust the working pressure to, for example, comply with an FPS or Joule regulation.

Airsoft HPA information

HPA as the driving force in the Airsoft initially gained enormous popularity because it replaces the battery, motor and gears for a piston system.
This makes maintenance simple and adjustment of FPS / Joule can be done by adjusting the work pressure, here the load-bearing capacity of various parts is of course the limiting factor.
This is more critical when retrofitting pistols as these are often self-assembled set-ups as opposed to the complete rifle conversion kits supplied.
In terms of operation, this system is similar to PCP, however the operating pressures after the regulator are generally lower.

Airsoft HPA pros and cons

Constant pressure for a long time, Possibility to shoot large quantities of BBs without having to refill gas, Possibility to regulate working pressure, Ultimately cheaper than Greengas.

More expensive to purchase, Weapon needs to be upgraded in various areas for trouble-free operation. HPA contains no lubrication, Not allowed in certain forms of Airsoft O.A. IPSC / Action Air, Carrying a pressure cylinder and hose.

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